Food Allergy Canada: Webinars and events – November 2022


Are you nuts about tree nuts? Register for our upcoming webinar on tree nuts with Dr. Douglas Mack. Sign up for a small group webinar on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis and connect with others who can relate. Discover our support groups across Canada and connect virtually. Plus, watch our managing confidently safely encore series.

Webinar: Going nuts about tree nuts – Learn what’s changed in tree nut allergy (December 8th at 12pm-1pm EST)

There is a greater understanding of tree nut allergy now than ever before, and this has implications for the way the allergy is managed. Learn from Canadian allergist Dr. Douglas Mack on how tree nut allergy management has changed and what it may mean for affected individuals, like the ability to eat certain tree nuts. This session is just in time for the holidays, when there may be many seasonal bowls of mixed nuts at parties and other gatherings.

What the webinar is about: Current thinking about tree nut allergy management, allergy to a particular nut(s) versus all nuts, and considerations when you have tree nut allergy or care for someone who does. Plus, find out how well you can identify one nut from another as part of a show and tell…

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