Supporting you and working together


We’re committed to providing you with support and services during this time. We are working hard to ensure you have what you need to manage your food allergy so you can focus on keeping your family safe.

We’re here for you: As always, we’re available on the phone, through email, and on our social media to help answer any questions or provide support. Even though we’re working from home like many of you, our hours of operation remain as 8:30am-4:00pm EDT.

Allergy Alerts will be uninterrupted: We’ll make sure you continue to receive the latest allergy-related information, including food recalls. Learn more about Allergy Alerts and sign-up if you haven’t already. On the form, just select the allergens you would like to receive notifications/recall information on.

Managing food allergy and anaphylaxis webinars: We’ve increased capacity for our online webinars on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis so more people can join the sessions. We are also looking into offering more sessions during April, May and June. These sessions are great for families of recently diagnosed children, or for any family wanting a refresher. Learn more and register…

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