Managing roommates and food allergy


Growing up with food allergies, home always felt like a safe place where you could comfortably eat what you wanted without fear of cross-contamination or potential allergens being around. Of course, this doesn’t last forever as we get older and most people eventually move out on their own.

Whether it’s during college, university, or early adulthood, moving out will often mean living with roommates. This can seem daunting for people with food allergy and you may think it’s just easier to live on your own. Whether it’s for financial or social reasons living alone isn’t always the best option and living with others while having food allergy is totally doable!

When I was in university, I lived in a house with three other people and learned how to make things work with my food allergies, so I felt safe and comfortable eating and living in my home. Here are my top 5 tips for managing food allergy with roommates…

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