Know what’s in your food: A not so simple endeavour


Pauline O. is a food allergy mom and community advocate from Toronto, ON. She has three children, two of which have multiple food allergies. She recalls the terrifying moment when her son, at 5 months, had a severe allergic reaction to the first food she fed him, baby rice cereal which contained milk powder.

“A few weeks later his milk allergy was confirmed by an allergist. We were given a prescription for an EpiPen® and told to avoid all dairy and anything that ‘may contain’ dairy and sent on our way with no other information. We were terrified.”

At the beginning of her family’s food allergy journey, Pauline recalls the biggest challenge was grocery shopping and that finding safe foods was “scary.” “I had to retrain myself how to grocery shop. I generally stuck to whole foods and mainly fed my family meat, rice, and steamed vegetables. It was only after many months that I ventured to packaged goods.”

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