Anglophone South School District wins national food allergy award


TORONTO, ON, May 18, 2021 – Food Allergy Canada announces today that Anglophone South School District has been named the recipient of The Allan Reynolds Award for 2021 for demonstrating exemplary passion and commitment to creating a safer, more allergy aware community.

The Allan Reynolds Award recognizes special individuals and organizations for their extraordinary contribution and leadership in helping individuals and families affected by anaphylaxis. Allan Reynolds, a long-time and inspiring Food Allergy Canada volunteer passed away suddenly in January 2013. During his time with Food Allergy Canada, he helped to improve public understanding about food allergy and get ground-breaking legislation – known as Sabrina’s Law – passed to protect students at risk of anaphylaxis.

The award criteria include the same attributes demonstrated by Allan, showing passion and commitment for raising allergy awareness, and proven ability to rally support for the cause through their own community…

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Quelle: Food Allergy Canada
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